Gallery of Current Work

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rest and Thought

These are my latest paintings measuring 18"x18" on panel which will go to California for a show that I can not attend.

I haven't done much since the Art by the Sea Show on Labor Day week-end. Partly personal, partly the flu, a lot of paperwork and partly just tired form so much production. Also, I am just mulling around what to do next, preparing panels and experimenting. I have some new ideas with some new ideas of working on Plexi. The kind of things I have in mind are exploring black and white more and the idea of layers and mounting plexi on the wall with strong magnets. I want the black and white water images to hover off the wall or float. I don't know how any times I have been to Lowe's to find just the right nail to work with the super strong magnets. I am reluctant to do too many pieces until I know they will hold to the wall in the way I want them too. I have worked out the surface that I want on the plexi and I am working small 10"x 10" to start. Stay tuned.
My studio has been cleaned up as much as I can although I can't quite get it to the visual simplicity of what I had in the L'Abbaye studio and I keep backing into the wall or a chair. I guess it will just take time to readjust to less space.