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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On with it.

My temporary panic was just that. Temporary. I am not sure why I thought I could just bound into working and never skip a beat. I seem to be back in the flow and I am definitely seeing some differences in my work. The colors are more subtle and the brush stokes combine hard edge and some soft which is all new for me. When I left for the residency my paint was crisp and thick. Now I am reaching for a broader approach. One thing that is interesting is how much quicker the paint dries here. I have to take more care in covering my palette overnight. In Brittany the moist air made it so I could walk into the studio and begin painting. In this part of Oregon the dry air makes the paint tough in a matter of hours and I have to scrape down my palette each morning a begin a new. The lusciousness of the paint is what really memorizes me so fresh paint with out stiffness is imperative. Next blog entry I will post some new images that I will be taking to California for my shows.The show will be Art by the Sea.

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