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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thank you is in order

You may have noticed by the date that I am home in Oregon by now. The last week or so of the residency was so busy that I got very behind on the blog. I plan to catch up at this point now that I am home so stay with me. I have some more Place it Project pieces and a lot more experiences after the exhibition. Then I want to write about how the whole experience is effecting my work now that I have returned to my studio.

A huge thanks is in order here for my wonderful husband Carl Schwab.

Not only has he been my biggest supporter through this wonderful experience allowing me and providing me with uninterrupted work time but he also was helpful to everyone else in the residency. Expert map reader, guide, pathfinder, cook, pastry fetcher, shopper and expert chauffeur. The list goes on. Carl how can I ever thank you!


  1. Yeah, Carl! What a guy! How lucky you were to have his help and support, and he was lucky to be able to go and participate and be part of this amazing journey you have been on artistically. And you both literally had a fbulous journey together. Aw, shucks... :-)

  2. You rock, as usual, Mr. Carl. One for the brotherhood!