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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dogs of Brittany

All of you who know me know that I am crazy about dogs. Being away from my own dog for 6 weeks is pretty hard. Every dog I see here I am drawn too and Breton people love their dogs. They are every where and seem to be just another form of human. It is not unusual to see them heading up the street of a tiny town without an owner looking as if they are on a mission. Time to get home for supper after a day of hanging out down in town. The majority of the dogs are mixes so that appeals to me since I am pro-shelter dog. They come in all sizes and some pretty weird mixes. However there are a fair amount of Bernese Mountain Dogs and of course Brittany Spaniels. When you see a pure bred lab it is usually a Brit who is close behind. And yes they are allowed in restaurants, markets, stores. They seem a little righteous about it.


  1. Quillie and Koko send their best woofs to you to let you know they are thinking of you and Mica.

  2. Fabulous markings on the Doberman at the top.

  3. Love the dog photos.
    Portraiture never tempted me-but dog paintings...?
    A little muse in my brain has been barking at me for about a year. So much to paint - so little time.
    I really like the newest pieces; such strong design,(my first love); and fun to see them all lined up together. It will be a stunning show.