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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Heat is on

We have less than 2 weeks left in the residency and 4 days until the exhibition at the L’abbaye. We are feeling some pressure. For me I would like to finish the 20 panels and a series of Mylar paintings that I have started. We have been told that 200 to 300 people go through the show and attend the opening exhibition. It is a way of saying thank you to the town that has hosted and supported us. I have had several conversations (in my clumsy French) with local homeowners who are eager to see what we have done. I really do feel like we have become a part of the community for this short time. The experience feels way too short. I also feel the squeeze to fit in as much travel and exploration into the remaining 19 days in Brittany. So you may not see much in the way of entries for the next 4 days at least.

I have been picking up influence from the other residents. You can’t help it. I have added a soft touch to my painting style from Sara’s technique and I think I am on to something. The last two paintings are my favorite. I combined a soft blurry paint application with sharp crisp brush stokes for the reflections.

From Matt I have gathered ideas of working on some large distressed surfaces when I get home. Paint on large sheets of plexi-glass that have been damaged and scratched. From Jessica, her bold dark colors and division of space influence me. David’s rolling connection from one phase of creativity to another and gathering influence from experience makes me assess my own process and add a few elements to it to make it more potent. I have been so lucky to have worked along side this caliber of talent.

This residency structure has improved my work habits and instilled a feverish like enthusiasm in my outlook on painting. At home I would find diversions and tasks to do before I got around to painting – here I am rushing to the studio and can not get to the painting fast enough. My process and steps toward doing a painting had become laborious and boring before. I now have a much more direct process that is truly enjoyable and much full of energy. I’ve done away with my grid system and chalking in the drawing before I paint. Now I work directly into the paint skipping those phases all together.


  1. These paintings look fantastic, Sarah. They indeed have a new quality about them that I haven't seen in your work before. Remind me of the size of these pieces - 24" square? It sounds like you are deriving benefits from this experience that could be exciting and satisfying in your work. Yippee Skippee!

  2. Your new work is amazing and an interesting departure from what you've been doing. I like the soft undertones and am surprised to see so much pink/lavender. It must be the Brittany sunsets. Your work truly seems to reflect a happy, exciting time for you. Only 2 more weeks, it must seem wrenching to think about leaving so soon. I meet my first Bermese Mtn dog a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love.

  3. Very nice work. We are both looking forward to your homecoming. Give Carl a hug for us.

  4. Isn't it FABULOUS when you can get totally immersed in something. I've heard it's THE ZONE and I've found it very difficult to recreate at home. IN Itaaly, I couldnt stop to eat, drink, party or sleep. Kinda crazy, eh???
    But now that you've experienced it, you CAN recreate it at home. What a remarkable experience you've had.

  5. Sarah, these are really sweet pieces. Love the nuance of edge and mark.