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Friday, July 8, 2011


Try as I might it gives me the willies to stand and paint with a crowd staring and taking snap shot of me. So I leave during the tour hours and do other things like take pictures, sketch, or prepare for other paintings. The new space is one end of the big vast exhibit space.

In general the work has been going well but it is definitely not my best work. I have decided that I am here to grow and to grow means to let go of the comfortable way of working. That being said I have found it wonderful to work with a huge bright brush (flat and square) and load it up with paint. I am also trying to shift my normal palette and work with some more limited colors. At this point I have finished 8 or 20 paintings but 2 of them are not worth saving so I will probably scrape them down at some point. I moved my studio a few days ago to a place with better light but need to work around tours that that go through the Abbey now that tourist season has begun.

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  1. I like what you have posted so far - are you enjoying a different species of water? I totally agree about working with people watching - that takes a special kind of artist that can block out everything around them and I am not able to do that. This does look like a beautiful light space to work in. Big, very big...