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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Exhibition

All the work we have done so far went up for exhibition on Thursday. It has been a very busy week. We hung the show all day with late nights to get as much work as we could finish and ready to hang. We all agreed that there would be plenty of room in the space for all of us but when the hanging got under way we were surprised that the space filled up and it was actually a bit tight.

The exhibit space is actually the old dormitory for the monks with each window facing Jerusalem. A very strange feeling to be

working for 24 days straight and then just stopping suddenly. I am having withdrawals but today I worked for several hours on a tonal black and white piece and I feel a little more normal. It is unavoidable to feel the residency drawing to a close. It saddens me.

The show is amazingly diverse. It is fabulous to see how very different we are from each other and it is clear to me that I have been influenced by everyone in totally different ways and in ways I would never have expected. We had 104 works ranging from installation, collage, painting, drawing and mixed media. I can’t include all the work but here are my few pieces that I think represent the artists.

Sarah Waldron (thats me)

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